Barnwood Dolls & Crafts


Barnwood Dolls originated in 2006. The creation of Elaine Backhaus, these heritage dolls are dedicated to Elaine's mother, grandmothers and other Christian ladies who have influenced her to become the person she is today.
Barnwood Dolls are approximately 21-inches long, and made of hand-painted muslin. Their eyes, nose and mouth are sewn with embroidery, and their yarn hair comes in a variety of colors. Each doll comes with its own stand. 
Many of the dolls have names, including Marian, Audrey, Lydia, Addie, Sarah and Monique. When ordering, please indicate the hair, eye and skin coloring, as well as the doll name.
Cost is 20 at the Farmers' Market only.  
Call 321-388-7022 for more information.

Doll Quilts

Barnwood Doll Quilts were inspired by Elaine's granddaughters, who always are in search of a "blankie'' for their dolls.
Some of these quits are made of vintage material found in antique shops and antique shows. Others are machine-sewn together with left-over material in Elaine's quilt-bin. 
Some of the Barnwood Doll Quilts also are made from worn and tattered quilts. 
Elaine loves to search for vintage material, and on occasion has found stacks of vintage squares already hand-sewn together. Some squares may be darker or lighter than others in a quilt, but the shades of the past simply make the doll quilts appear even more vintage in nature. 
Quilts are approximately 36-inches x 30-inches, but do vary in size. Some may be slightly smaller.
Quilts start at $20 and are available only at the Farmers' Market.
"Burning Memories'' 
Artistic Woodburnings

Elaine has been woodburning since the mid-1990s. In the past, most of her woodburnings have been sold at craft shows in the Central Florida area. Some larger woodburnings of barns and local historical buildings also are available at  'Crafty U' on State Road 434 in Winter Springs, FL, about 12 miles north of Orlando. 
Plans are underway for Elaine to teach an artistic woodburning class this summer at 'Crafty U.'
Elaine and her husband, Dan, who also own Backhaus Photography, often photograph barns and historical buildings during vacations. It's some of those barns and buildings you'll see in Elaine's woodburnings.

Prices vary.

For more information about Elaine's
"Burning Memories'' or to send a photograph of what you wish to be woodburned, please call 321-388-7022.
Barn near Conyers, GA
Barn and haywagon on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania
Old Tobacco Barns in Pennsylvania
Bell and Barn on a Pennsylvania Amish Farm